Identity, Curation

Bring Your Own Beamer
Grand Rapids 3

Bring Your Own Beamer is a series of one-night-exhibitions curated by different people around the world. The idea is simple: find a place, invite artists, and ask them to bring their projectors. I introduced the BYOB event format while at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in order to strengthen the local new media arts community and provide them with an opportunity to experiment with their work in a semi-traditional gallery space.

The BYOBGR03 identity is a reaction to the rapidly evolving medium of projection and the different eras of projection that were represented at the first two events. At BYOBGR 01 and 02, entries included: 8mm reel to reel projection, slide projection, and video projection. A typeface was designed featuring six different “resolutions” of letters, which in application, represented the juxtaposition of different projection formats that takes place at the event.